About us

The historical U Čápa beerhouse is located in Obilní trh, where more than 100 years ago new fathers came to drink to the health of their children born in the nearby Zemská porodnice, now known as the Obilní trh maternity hospital.

The U Čápa restaurant existed on these premises already in 1901, according to preserved photos. The beerhouse itself was founded in 1960 and was operated as a traditional pub by the Czechoslovak National company Restaurace a jídelny II. Since 2013, when the U Čápa beerhouse became a part of the Con Gusto premium restaurants, unique photos of new dads and their friends and families celebrating the arrival of their babies in the U Čápa pub have been taken. These photos have been framed and hang on the beerhouse’s walls, and dozens of new ones are added every year.

In the first half of 2018, a complete reconstruction took place of the U Čápa pub, which took six weeks, the result being a modern and simple interior that respects the past of this building and is complemented by contemporary photographs, postcards, and pictures of the monuments and dominant features of Brno.

This restaurant in the centre of Brno has 117 seats indoors and in the summer months also 114 seats in its new garden right in the park on Obilní trh, which is conveniently located near a playground. There is also a wall-mounted TV in the beerhouse, thanks to which you can watch sports with your friends - Kometa Brno hockey matches , football, championships and many more.

At the U Čápa beerhouse you can enjoy traditional Czech and Moravian dishes, specialties from our smoke house, freshwater fish, venison and desserts made on the premises. The dishes are prepared for you by chef Martin Horníček's team. If you like sirloin, dumplings or genuine Czech cakes, we can offer tailor-made catering for your event - weddings, celebrations or company parties.

We draw Pilsen beer at U Čápa pub from the tank, the best way of serving this premium lager. We have six tanks, each with a size of 500 liters. And why Pilsen beer? See the article and video here and you will find out.

During the year, we organize a variety of events for you. Grilling, barbecue, pig-slaughter, in November you can traditionally enjoy St. Martin's goose, in the winter months you can enjoy game meat and more. Follow our events here and on Facebook. On Facebook and on our blog, you can find a variety of interesting facts and information about upcoming events right from the U Čápa beerhouse.