Tank beer

Where to get beer in Brno? The best Pilsen beer can be found where it is drawn from the tank. There are 6 tanks in the U Čápa beerhouse, each with a capacity of 500 liters. You will find them in our thermally insulated underground tank room, where the temperature is around 8 °C.

Beer from the tank is the best-treated beer. The tanks contain beer filled in an impermeable recyclable polypropylene bag thanks to which the non-pasteurized beer does not come into contact with the air before it is drawn by the barman. Its greatest advantage is mainly the taste, as beer stored in tanks can be unpasteurized and therefore tastier.

We draw beer only into properly washed glasses, for which we use special detergents so that the taste of the beer itself is not impaired.

An important part of beer drawing is tank and beer pipe sanitation, which takes place regularly once a week. Due to chemical and mechanical influences, beer deposits and undesirable microorganisms that would affect the beer quality are eliminated.

Why Pilsen beer?

Beer is the oldest and most popular alcoholic drink in the world, moderate consumption of which is also recommended by doctors. It contains about 2000 substances, and 92% of it is water. The water is soft Pilsen water, and besides that, Pilsen is made from barley, Žatec hops and yeast. Important parts are B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and other substances beneficial to the health. The human body is therefore supplied especially with water and energy. It can even reduce stress, help blood circulation, the heart and digestion, and it has fewer kilocalories than wine or lemonade. What is more, Pilsen beer has an alcohol content of only 4.4% compared to other Czech 12° lagers. Thanks to the higher ratio of unfermented malt extract and the 40 bitter units, it ranks first among Czech beers.

Here you can have a look at a visit to the Pilsner brewery, which our customers can compete for.

Source of factual information on beer: Pivníobzor.cz

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