Con Gusto – network of premium restaurants and catering in Brno

Con Gusto is network of premium restaurants and catering in Brno. Each of the establishments specializes in different cuisine, be it traditional Czech and Moravian or world cuisine. Italian, Mediterranean and fusion of different countries. Everything is covered. Everything is covered by the new delivery service Jíme Brno, which will deliver dishes from these establishments to your home. KOREK Wines imports biodynamic wines from Italy and other regions of Europe. Con Gusto Catering connects these areas and offers its customers across the Czech Republic a comprehensive service and catering services tailored to their requirements, type of event and preferred cuisine. If you are planning a wedding, we can prepare your entire event turnkey with TuSi Wedding Agency.

Which businesses does Con Gusto stand behind?

Piazza a Caffé Monte Bú Restaurant & Steakhouse Pivnice U Čápa Pivnice U Kohoutů Restaurant Teátr Táckárna KOREK Wines Jíme Brno Con Gusto Catering TuSi