Meals Menu


150 g  Spicy pickled sausages
107 CZK
onion, pickles, hot peppers, pastry
80 g  Pickled “tvarůžky” cheese
115 CZK
in cream, red onion, pastry
100 g  Pickled camembert cheese
114 CZK
garlic, spring onion, chilli, pastry
100 g  Home-made Parisian salad with smoked ham
103 CZK
120 g  Home-made fried potato crisps
94 CZK
garlic and spicy sauce
100 g  Homemade foie gras pate covered with lard
119 CZK
cranberries, pastry


0,3 l  Strong pheasant broth
75 CZK
with meat and crispy noodles
0,3 l  Moravian cabbage soup
75 CZK
with Hungarian saussage and sour cream


1/4 m  Home-made sausage coil
153 CZK
cream horseradish, mustard, pastry
1/2 m  Home-made sausage coil
249 CZK
cream horseradish, mustard, pastry
1 m  Home-made sausage coil
412 CZK
cream horseradish, mustard, pastry
100 g  Our smoked meat
119 CZK
pork neck, pork brisket (of the day), home-made pickled vegetables, goat horn pepper, pastry
150 g  Home-made smoked sausage
127 CZK
creamy horseradish, mustard, pastry
80 g  Smoked salmon
156 CZK
cream fresh with fresh chives, roasted toast bread
100 g  Lightly smoked cheese
119 CZK
with herbs and garlic, pastry


150 g  Sirloin in cream sauce
229 CZK
Karslbad dumplings, cranberries
150 g  Čáp’s beef goulash
225 CZK
sausage, onion, Karslbad dumplings, potato pancakes
150 g  Piglet roulade
226 CZK
steamed saurkraut with lard, potato dumpling
150 g  Dutch schnitzel À la chef
205 CZK
boiled potatoes with butter, fermented vegetables, tartar sauce)
150 g  Beef cheeks
229 CZK
in cream with fresh dill, home-made potato dumplings


120 g  Steak tartare
289 CZK
from sirloin, fried bread with garlic (5 pcs)
500 g  Pork Spare Ribs
247 CZK
in spicy marinade, čáposlaw, crispy bread with herb butter
1000 g  Roasted pork knuckle
314 CZK
pickled gherkins and oninions, home-made fermented vegetables, hot pepper mustard, cream horseradish, crispy bread with herb butter (100 g surcharge 32 CZK)
150 g  Salmon fillet
276 CZK
baked with mozzarella, shrimp sauce, mashed potatoes
250 g  Fried pork tenderloin
231 CZK
potato salad with mayonnaise
300 g  Mix of schnitzels for two people
406 CZK
pork tenderloin, chicken breast, sirloin, French fries, mix of sauces (barbeque, sweet-chilli, garlic)
700 g  Babeque Mix for two people
364 CZK
Buffalo Wings (4 pcs), Oven-baked ribs (4 pcs), Barbeque chicken (2 pcs), French fries, Mix of sauces (barbeque, sweet-chilli, garlic)
200 g  Pepper steak
449 CZK
pickled pepper sauce with dijon mustard, steak fries
150 g  Double beef smash burger
295 CZK
iceberg lettuce, gherkins, red onion, BBQ sauce, cheddar, sour cream, Julienne fries
500 g  Roasted beef rib
297 CZK
fermented cucumbers, grilled onion, pastry
120 g  Fried emmental cheese
204 CZK
with ham, tartar sauce, boiled potatoes with parsley, čáposlaw


350 g  Caesar salad with chicken meat
234 CZK
croutons, parmesan cheese
350 g  Smoked salmon slices
258 CZK
with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dill dressing, toasted bread
250g  Creamy squash risotto
220 CZK
with ricotta and roasted pumpkin seeds


For our youngest customers under 12.
Every children‘s menu includes Kinder Surprise.
80 g  Fried emmental cheese
114 CZK
French fries, ketchup
80 g  Sirloin in cream sauce
144 CZK
Karlsbad dumplings (2 pcs)
80 g  Fried chicken strips
143 CZK
mashed potatoes


120 g  Apple strudel
129 CZK
with walnuts and home-made ice-cream
40 g  Ice-cream, sorbet based on daily offer
56 CZK


200 g  Čáposlaw
59 CZK
white cabbage, carrots, onion, peppers, parsley, mayonnaise
200 g  Boiled potatoes with parsley
53 CZK
200 g  Roasted grenaille with herbs
59 CZK
150 g  Steak fries
59 CZK
200 g  Julienne fries
59 CZK
200 g  Butter grilled vegetables
75 CZK
1/4  Toasted bread with herb butter
59 CZK
200 g  Home-made pickled cucumbers
57 CZK
1 krajíc  Fried bread with garlic
19 CZK
Basket of pastry
49 CZK

Meat weights are for raw meat.
Meals prepared for you by head chef Martin Horníček and his team.