Meals Menu


150 g   Spicy pickled sausages
99,- Kč
onion, pickles, hot peppers, pastry
80 g   Pickled „tvarůžky“ cheese
115,- Kč
in cream, red onion, pastry
100 g  Pickled hermelín cheese
108,- Kč
garlic, spring onion, chilli, pastry
150 g   Pork brawn
96,- Kč
onion, vinegar, pastry
100 g   Home-made Parisian salad with smoked ham
99,- Kč
120 g   Home-made fried potato crisps
89,- Kč
garlic and spicy sauce


0,3 l  Strong pheasant broth
75,- Kč
with meat and crispy noodles
0,3 l  Goulash soup
72,- Kč
with fresh marjoram


1/4 m  Home-made sausage coil
145,- Kč
cream horseradish, mustard, pastry
100 g  Our smoked meat
114,- Kč
pork neck, pork brisket (of the day), home-made pickled vegetables, goat horn pepper, pastry
150 g   Home-made smoked sausage
121,- Kč
creamy horseradish, mustard, pastry
150 g   Smoked carp
135,- Kč
dill dip, pastry
100 g   Lightly smoked cheese
114,- Kč
with herbs and garlic, home-made pickled vegetables, pastry


150 g   Sirloin in cream sauce
219,- Kč
Karslbad dumplings, cranberries
150 g   Čáp’s beef goulash
214,- Kč
sausage, onion, Karslbad dumplings, potato pancakes
700 g  Pork blade confit
299,- Kč
old Bohemian "lokše" stuffed with caramelised cabbage, Demi Glace sauce
150 g   Dutch schnitzel À la chef
195,- Kč
boiled potatoes with butter, fermented vegetables, tartar sauce)
150 g   Beef cheeks
219,- Kč
in cream with fresh dill, home-made potato dumplings


120 g   Steak tartare
276,- Kč
from sirloin, fried bread with garlic (5 pcs)
500 g   Pork Spare Ribs
235,- Kč
in spicy marinade, čáposlaw, crispy bread with herb butter
1000 g  Roasted pork knuckle
299,- Kč
"pickled gherkins and oninions, home-made fermented vegetables, hot pepper mustard, cream horseradish, crispy bread with herb butter (100 g surcharge 30,-)"
150 g   Carp in red wine
218,- Kč
root vegetables and herbs, mashed potatoes
250 g   Fried pork tenderloin
220,- Kč
potato salad with mayonnaise
300 g  Mix of schnitzels for two people
387,- Kč
pork tenderloin, chicken breast, sirloin, French fries, mix of sauces (barbeque, sweet-chilli, garlic)
700 g  Babeque Mix for two people
347,- Kč
Buffalo Wings (4 pcs), Oven-baked ribs (4 pcs), Barbeque chicken (2 pcs), French fries, Mix of sauces (barbeque, sweet-chilli, garlic)
200 g   Matured sirloin steak
439,- Kč
Demi Glace sauce, pepper French fries
150 g   Pulled pork burger
267,- Kč
home-made BBQ sauce, Cheddar, red onion, pickled gherkins, beetroot, mustard mayonnaise, pepper French fries
120 g   Fried emmental cheese
194,- Kč
with ham, tartar sauce, boiled potatoes with parsley, čáposlaw


350 g  Caesar salad with chicken meat
223,- Kč
croutons, parmesan cheese
350 g  Roasted beetroot salad
205,- Kč
rhubarb chutney, goat cheese, walnuts, lettuce


For our youngest customers under 12. Every children‘s menu includes a sweet surprise.
80 g   Fried emmental cheese
109,- Kč
French fries, ketchup
80 g   Sirloin in cream sauce
139,- Kč
Karlsbad dumplings (2 pcs)
80 g   Fried chicken strips
137,- Kč
mashed potatoes


110 g  Home-made cottage cheese sweet dumplings
135,- Kč
with strawberry sauce
1/8  Cake (of the day)
93,- Kč


200 g   Čáposlaw
57,- Kč
white cabbage, carrots, onion, peppers, parsley, mayonnaise
200 g   Home-made fermented vegetables
57,- Kč
white cabbage, carrots, pepper, cauliflower, parsley
200 g   Boiled potatoes with parsley
51,- Kč
200 g   Roasted grenaille with herbs
57,- Kč
150 g   Steak fries
57,- Kč
200 g   Pepper French fries
68,- Kč
1/4  Crispy bread with herb butter
58,- Kč
1 krajíc  Fried bread with garlic
17,- Kč
Basket of pastry
46,- Kč

Meat weights are for raw meat.
Meals prepared for you by head chef Martin Horníček and his team.