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June 2019

Cut beer and other beer specialties

Everyone has ever heard this term, some already know how such beer tastes and few know how to do it. That is why we present you a cut beer, but also semi-dark beer and radler on our blog.

Cut beer is drawn from two kinds of beers, which are also separated by color. The color distribution is due to the different density of beers. In our beerhouse you can order cut Black Kozel with Pilsen. Black Kozel is lighter than the light 12 ° Pilsen, giving you a beautiful two-colored drink with black beer on top and light beer down. But it is also possible to tap the black, then the light. But the cut beer is definitely not being tapped at once. It is tapped several times and it depends on the bartender’s skills of course. It must be admitted that it is difficult to cut 10 beers in exactly the same way. If you come for theese 10 cuts, our bartender will definitely try to do it.

Mixed, ie semi-dark beer, is already produced in the brewery by mixing various types of malts. So from the very beginning it stands out for its "mixed" color and the bartender does not mix it or cut it anymore.

Radler is a fresh beer that we recommend especially in the summer months or if you do not enjoy the classic bitter taste of beer. Sprite, which is an essential component of the radler, is sweet, the beer is bitter and together it makes a perfect drink for thirst, which does not make you easily drunk.

For those who have not come to taste of the traditional bitterness of beer, we have a solution in the form of a refreshing radler or a nicely cut cut beer that will delight your eye and appetite. Come and refresh yourself in the garden in these summer months!