Fried cheese and schnitzels

from February 16th 2024

Delicious schnitzels and fried cheese, but also onion rings, you can find all this in Pivnice U Čápa from mid-February until the beginning of March.

It has become such a Čáp's tradition that we have prepared the very popular fried schnitzels for you, but this year we have added even more popular fried cheese.

A new addition are our homemade fried onion rings with cheddar sauce, which perfectly complement our draught Pilsner.

The menu is really diverse, which I'm sure you can imagine is quite hard to achieve with fried food. And we have something for everyone. As for vegetarians and omnivores.

Vegetarian options are Fried Cauliflower and Fried Cheese Skewer, to which we highly recommend boiled potatoes, a Czech classic.

You can also look forward to meat delicacies. Among them you can find classics such as Olomouc Fried Schnitzel, Fried Porthaus, Chicken "Ondráš", or the slightly unusual Duck Schnitzel.

For these main courses you can choose from a range of side dishes, which you can find directly on the menu.

And don't forget to wash down the whole feast with a beer, otherwise it's not the right!

To reserve your place, call us at +420 778 545 878, book online or come directly to us at the corner of the "Obilný trh". We look forward to seeing you!