from January 5th 2024

We've got our first special event of the year folks! In case our regular menu is not enough for you, and for those who have already tasted all of it, we have come up with a burger menu! You'll find on it four spoiled boys that we'll be serving you starting on the 5th of January. There will be excellent golden brown buns, a good portion of minced or jerked meat, veggies and fine-tuned sauces. Definitely come and try it!

The hamburger originated in the American city of Hamburg. Its direct ancestor is the sausage in a bun, of which the hamburger was originally supposed to be an inferior substitute. The Menches brothers, who sold this unhealthy delicacy in the market, ran out of sausages. Following the butcher's advice, they started putting small patties of ground meat in the bun instead of sausages and called the dish a hamburger. However, nearly 150 years have passed since then, and the burger has grown beyond the period when it was considered a purely fast-food dish to what it is today, where it can be found in some of the best restaurants in the world, specialised burger joints are springing up and the whole world can get enough of them.

We've put together 4 of our favourites for you in our current burger menu, which we'll be enchanting you with throughout January, and for a while after, until 11 February.

For example, you can enjoy our Beef Burger with Monterey Jack cheese. The delicate taste and texture of this cheese, which has earned the nickname of the American original, is complemented by toasted bacon, chipotle mayonnaise, arugula, pear chutney and a little Piri Piri pepper relish at the end.

For burger conservatives and classics, of course, we also have a more traditional option: the Beef Burger with Cheddar Cheese. We'll fill it with a fried egg, mustard dressing, a mix of caramelized onions, tomato and lamb's lettuce. As with the previous beauty, we'll serve you a heaping portion of golden fried potato chips to go with it.

The third item on the menu, the Beef Burger with Portobello mushroom, brings a bit of extravagance to the mix. Inside, you'll find blue cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and marinated cucumber. A nice pile of potato slices will sit on your plate next to it.

The final gentleman on our menu is the black sheep of the family, as he is the only pork burger among the other ground beef burgers. The pulled pork burger is served with smoked mayo, lettuce, BBQ sauce, tomato, pickled cucumber and our version of the traditional coleslaw - the Čáposlaw. Of course, you'll also get French fries with it.

So which one will you choose? Or will you stop by more than once and sample them all? It's definitely worth it! Of course, in addition to the fries and potato slices, we recommend choosing our draft tank beer as a side dish. You can reserve your table by calling +420 778 545 878 or via our reservation form. We look forward to seeing you!