boar, deer or pheasant delicacies

from November 20th 2023

From 20th November until the end of this year, you can stop by and enjoy a fine-tuned venison menu. Come and expand your horizons and enrich your diet with meat that you usually encounter in the woods rather than on your plate. We will prepare for you delicacies made from pheasant, boar and deer and finish everything off with a great dessert in great style.

In addition to its specific taste, venison offers you other hidden benefits! Meat from wild-caught animals is easy to digest, is recommended for many diets and contains high amounts of minerals such as potassium, iron and phosphorus. The total fat percentage is lower than that of meat from farmed animals and contains a higher amount of protein. So what delicacies have we prepared for you this time from venison?

Once again, you will be able to taste the themed menu from appetizer through soup, selection of four main courses to a dessert. As a starter, we will be serving Deer Tartare and deer will not be the only special ingredient you will find on your plate. In fact, there's another dude from the forest that plays an important role in this dish, which is the truffle incorporated in the mayonnaise. To snack on, you will of course have fried bread with garlic. As a soup, we will slow-cook the Pheasant broth for you and serve it like from a grandma with everything, which is, with meat, vegetables and homemade noodles.

In the main courses, you will have a choice of four great adepts. First we will be featuring Roasted Boar thigh with rosehip sauce and Carlsbad dumplings. In addition to the (as we said) dietary venison meat, the vitamin C-rich rosehip sauce and the Carlsbad dumpling full of green parsley will play a major part in the meal. So we would definitely recommend this course as a preparation and immunity kick for the colder months to follow! Next up is the Deer Steak, which will also be accompanied by other goodies from the woods. It will be accompanied on the plate by forest mushrooms, green pepper and potato croquettes. For the next course on our menu, you'll find Pheasant Breast in bacon paired with potato au gratin with onion, spinach and a thick reduced Demi Glace sauce. If you don't choose either of the previous dishes, you might be intrigued by our final hit at the end: the Venison Burger. We'll be preparing this with lightly spicy jalapeño peppers, red onions, bacon, cheddar and salad with whole grain mustard mayonnaise. To adhere to burger serving etiquette, we'll also give you a serving of fries and a "Čáposlaw" salad to go with your burger.

Finally, you can choose a portion of real extra chocolate and cocoa Sacher-Torte. We'll spread apricot jam over the super-smooth corpus for you, and a layer of chocolate frosting will crunch under your fork with every bite. We won't deprive you of whipped cream either, which adds creaminess and smoothness to the whole cake.

You can keep on enjoying these treats until the end of the year, so don't be shy and stop by for some of our delicacies! We recommend making a reservation by calling +420 778 545 878 or using our reservation form. We look forward to seeing you there!