Traditional pork feast

September 30th from 11.00 a.m.

Traditional pork feast

Are you sorry that summer is over and all the fun and joy is over? We'll prove to you that the real fun is just beginning. With autumn comes our favourite traditional event, which we have been organising for several years in a row, and that is the pork feast! You can look forward to it already on 30 September, when we will give you a taste of all the goodies we are preparing, which you will be able to enjoy during the whole month of October.

Do you also have those moments in the year that you look forward to the rest of the year? For us, one of them is undoubtedly the pork feast. An event held among the fallen leaves, when you have absolutely no regrets about having a shot or a mulled wine to warm you up and you consume as much fat as you haven't all year, but don't worry! The way we see it, it's just precise preparation for winter and stocking up for the colder months.

Already on Saturday, September 30, we will be looking forward to seeing you together with the butcher and tasting all the specialties you can think of. And because we care about your health, the first warming shot of pear brandy is on us. You can also enjoy all of the goodies we'll be preparing for you on the 30th all of October, and even take some of them home with you during that time.

From the smaller dishes we are preparing for you such as Pork brawn with onion and vinegar, Pork ovar with apple, horseradish and Krems mustard, Liver pâté with cranberries and Greaves with lard and spring onions. If you'd like more, you can try our cold plate, which includes roast pork belly, homemade smoked meat, sausage and with it all horseradish and mustard.

Because as our grandmothers say (and grandmothers and mothers are always right): soup is a basis, we have prepared two of them for you. The first one is a light Ovar soup with groats. The second traditional star is the Black pork feast soup or "Prdelačka".

For those of you who dare to have a proper pork feast, we have prepared several main courses, including Roasted liver sausage with sauerkraut fermented in a ceramic jar and boiled potatoes with butter, Groat blood sausage with steamed cabbage and mashed potatoes with onions, Pork knuckle roasted on black beer also with cabbage and potato dumplings. Of course, we won't leave out the Pork feast goulash and Pork feast meatloaf, two dishes that their classic non-pork feast versions absolutely cannot match. For two people, or for the true individual warriors, we have the Pork feast plate in store, on which you will find liver sausage, groat blood sausage, pork feast meatloaf, pork knuckle, steamed cabbage, boiled potatoes with butter and toasted potato dumplings with onions.

As a sweet ending we will serve you Moravian pastries sprinkled with sugar, so keep them in mind during the feast and leave some space for them.

If you don't have anywhere to put them, don't worry. We'll be happy to pack you some pastries to go, as well as as much as you like of the liver sausages, blood sausages, light brawn, greaves, pork feast meatloaf and homemade greave lard.

Visit us on 30 September to celebrate the arrival of autumn in style and tradition, or come and savour our specialties during October. Make your reservation through our reservation form or by calling +420 778 545 878. Or take home a good portion of selected goodies and have a good meal at least there. We look forward to seeing you. Cheers to the pork feast.