Steak summer

from July 5th 2023

Steak summer at Pivnice U Čápa

Do you like to have beef dishes like sirloin, dill pickle or Beef Roulade? Come check out how our chefs handle other beef preparations besides stewing! They've refined the preparation of 5 cuts of premium beef that will be used to make your luxury steaks. You can combine a side dish with one of 4 special sauces to suit your taste.

The first steak that our chefs will prepare for you is the Beef Rump Steak. The rump on the bull is located at the end of the leg and due to its position, it is not too stressed by the animal. The steak from this part of the meat therefore offers a fine marbling of fat layers, which gives it tenderness and a tender consistency accentuated by a distinctive flavour. We may have already overcome the myth that the only good meat on a cow is the back meat, but steaks made from the front meat? Definitely for us! We have one representative of the delicious front meat on our menu, and that's the Top Blade Beef Shoulder Peeled Steak. This is found on the foreleg, specifically at the shoulder blade, which unlike other parts of the meat is not cut off but peeled off - hence the name. Of course, we won't spare you of the queen of beef - beef tenderloin. Filet Steak will be prepared from aged fillet steak from Czech Angus and you can look forward to a pleasant marbling, a fat content of about 3-4 % and of course a delicious taste. The opposite of lean sirloin is our next cut, the high sirloin, which we will prepare and serve you Rib Eye Steak. This is typical for its fat cover and total fat percentage more than four times that of sirloin, which gives it a high juiciness, distinct flavour and tenderness. The last beef goodness we have for you is Flank Steak, or beef belly.

As the name suggests, the steak is partly meat from the lower abdominal muscles, which is interspersed with fatty veins and thick muscle fibres, as in roast meat, the fat imparts a high juiciness and a distinctive flavour to the meat. The steaks can be accompanied by mushroom, mushroom curry or cognac sauce, for example, and a side dish such as roasted green beans or roasted Grenaille potatoes with herbs and garlic.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the steaks. Make a reservation by calling 778 545 878, or directly on our website.