Thirteenth Birthday
of Pivnice U Čápa

on June 29 2023 at 5pm

We'll be kicking off the holiday season early on June 29 at 5pm, in a tremendous way – with a Birthday Party! We're giving away the first 500 beers for free and shots of Čápovice, so you can cheer with us for the future of our 13 year old teen. The UKULELE TROUBLEMAKERS will play, we'll reward your tummies with a grilled pig and you can mark your Charitable deed done, after joining the raffle in support of FN Brno.

It seems like only yesterday we celebrated our twelfth birthday, but it's already been a year! Come and join us once again to toast the second oldest Con Gusto restaurant. On Thursday the 29th we will be waiting for you at Obilní trh with a rich program and a supply of birthday treats. We'll be giving away the first 500 beers again as a thank you for another great year, but don't be sad if you miss the first 500! Tank beer will be stocked and there will be enough for all you thirsty congratulators to drink in the highest quality throughout the evening. You'll enjoy our shot of Čápovica again, and we'll have grilled pig for you as a snack, but of course you'll also be able to enjoy food from our regular menu. Traditionally, you can also participate in a rich raffle in which you can win, for example, vouchers to the entire Con Gusto restaurant network, a voucher for a cake, or tickets to the Brno Planetarium. All earnings from the raffle will again go to the Maternity hospital Obilní Trh FN Brno, which we support and thank for the great work it does every year. Entertainment will be provided by UKULELE TROUBLEMAKERS, who will undoubtedly create a great atmosphere with their music. Bring your kids to the celebration, for whom there will be an accompanying program full of fun and balloons.

So, are you still hesitating? If so, také a look back with us how we enjoyed the celebration of the 12th birthday of Pivnice U Čápa last year. We are looking forward to seeing you again this year and we believe that we will enjoy the celebration with a charitable overlay together again.

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