Cutlets feast

from February 17th 2023

Cutlets feast is up and running.

Stop by and visit us and enjoy the chrunchy cutlets. One the most favorite events is back.

Once again we've prepared six of our most popular cutlets this year. Which ones are they? I'm sure you're very familiar with them.

Fried Porthaus from roasted, marianted in garlic beef, Boar cutlets fried in lard, Vienna veal cutlet fried in clarified butter... yummy

Or would you rather have Duck cutlet rubbed with garlic and fried in duck fat?

If you're craving for chicken, we've also prepared Chicken breast cutlets in a yogurt marinade, coated in Corn Flakes.

This year, we have prepared the Ondras we all know so well... pork cutlet coated in potato pancakes batter.

You can choose your own side dish to go with all of these great cutlets. And, of course, tank Pilsner beer can't be forgotten, or at least for sure not here.

To make a reservation please call us at 778 545 878, via online reservations or stop by at the corner of Obilní trh. We look forward to seeing you!

Cutlets feastCutlets feastCutlets feastCutlets feastCutlets feast